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Here at Reelfishing we stock a wide range of tools from manufacturers such as Berkley, Fisheagle, Gemini, Jarvis Walker, Ron Thompson, Stillwater, Surecatch and Tronix Disgorgers & Forceps. we have a huge amount of stock , so are able to supply for immediate delivery at very competitive prices

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  1. Abu Garcia Smoke Dust
    <p><strong>Abu Garcia Smoke Dust</strong></p> <p>For smoking your catch</p> Learn More
  2. Alvey Bait Pump

    A versatile , quality bait pump for collecting your own bait

    Learn More
  3. Berkley Pliers
    Berkley Classics Hermostat Pliers Learn More
  4. Berkley line stripper
    Berkley Classics Line Stripper1088332 Learn More
  5. Berkley 6" Wooden Handle Fillet Knife
    All knives and sharpners are corrosion resistant and perfect for fish preparation and cleaning. The Sharpeners are very compact and both Knive and sharpner can be claened in the dishwasher. Learn More
  6. Berkley 7" Soft Grip Knife
    All knives and sharpners are corrosion resistant and perfect for fish preparation and cleaning. The Sharpeners are very compact and both Knive and sharpner can be claened in the dishwasher. Learn More
  7. Berkley clipper and lanyard
  8. Berkley line spool

    The Berkley Mobile Line Spooler allows you to quickly and easily spool up your reels .

    Learn More
  9. Berkley plier and hook sharpener tool combo
    Berkley plier and hook sharpener tool combo Learn More
  10. Berkley Pliers & scissors tool combo

    Berkley Pliers & scissors tool combo features a pair of quality pliers with spring assisted one hand operation & a set of scissors with serrated edges for increased cutting power

    Learn More
  11. Berkley line spooling station
  12. Berkley Side Wire Cutter 7in
    Make cuts to wire leaders and hooks with the corrosion resistant carbon steel jaws and ergonomic co-molded handle side cutters. Learn More
  13. Berkley Tube Rod Holder
    Berkley Tube Rod Holder Learn More
  14. Breakaway Bait Loader
    Breakaway Bait Loader Learn More
  15. boat and pier rest
    Breakaway Boat and Pier Rest Learn More
  16. breakaway cannon
    The bionic finger for fixed spool reels. Learn More
  17. saddle clamp
  18. buck sharpening stone
    Buck Diamond Sharpening Stone Learn More
  19. daiwa line loader

    This helpful little gadget lets you load up any spool size, smoothly and conveniently by yourself. The spring loaded shaft lets you lock the spool into place and let it rotate under your choice of tension. The suction pad feet and stabiliser ensure strong location on any horizontal or smooth surface.

    Learn More
  20. Fox Crimping Pliers
    <p><strong>Fox Rage Crimping Pliers</strong></p> <p><span>Good connections are essential for all rigs; it doesn&rsquo;t matter if you use steel, kevlar, mono or fluorocarbon - the fish is gone if your rig breaks. For this reason predator experts always crimp their rigs and with the correct sized sleeve crimped by the right pliers you get a safe connection that guarantees almost 100% of the linear breaking strain of the rig material. Due to the shape of the pliers as well as the five pressure points the sleeve is not stressed and is squeezed only in the middle leaving the two ends protruding with no sharp edges.</span><br /><br /><span>Hot Tip! Put your rig material twice through the sleeve to get the best breaking strain. These Crimping Pliers have been used for all hand-made Fox RAGE rigs.</span><br /><br /></p> Learn More
  21. epoxy
  22. Gemini Rig Jig
    Gemini Rig Jig The Rig Jig is like an extra pair of hands for rig building by simply holding the line in position while you get on with the tying. Simply clamp to your work bench or secure to a length of wood. The rig jig comes in two parts, the hook stock and the grip stock for holding the line in position. Learn More
  23. Gemini Springloader
    Gemini Spring loader baiting Tool gives you a quick & easy way to load big soft baits onto your hooklength Learn More
  24. tip light
  25. Hook-Eze
    HookEze multi function fishing tool for tying hooks, jigs and other rigs. Learn More
  26. Jarvis Walker Knife sharpening stone

    Jarvis Walker Knife sharpening stone features a super fine stone material with a coarse and fine surface

    Learn More
  27. Leatherman Wave

    Regular Price: £129.99

    Special Price £114.99

    The Leatherman Wave Multitool is the premium tool amongst multi tools , with its vast array of features.

    Learn More
  28. Leatherman Wave

    The Leatherman Wave Multitool is the premium tool amongst multi tools , with its vast array of features plus a custom leather pouch

    Learn More
  29. Leatherman Micra

    Leatherman Micra with 10 tools is very popular with anglers 

    Learn More
  30. Leatherman Micra

    Leatherman Micra with 10 tools is very popular with anglers, and this limited Heritage edition comes with a a quality leather sheath

    Learn More
  31. Needlenose Pliers Regular Pliers Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters Premium Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters Electrical Crimper Wire Stripper 420HC Knife 420HC Serrated Knife Saw Awl w/ Thread Loop Ruler (8 in | 19 cm) Can Opener Bottle Opener Wood/Metal File
    Leatherman Rebar Multi tool Learn More
  32. Leatherman Sidekick

    The Leatherman Sidekick has all the tools you would need in one multi tool

    Learn More
  33. Magnifeye Hook Threader

    Is your eye sight failing you? The glare off the water making it harder to see the eye of the hook to thread that line? Then you need ..... Magnifeye Hook Threader.

    Learn More
  34. Mk 4 Tip Light
  35. Mustad Anglers Pliers
    Mustad Anglers PliersSO745 Learn More
  36. Mustad Bait Knife
    <p><strong>Mustad Bait Knife</strong></p><p>model MT001</p> Learn More
  37. Mustad needle nose pliers
    <p><strong>Mustad Heavy Duty Needle Nose Anglers Pliers 8 inch</strong></p><p>- serrated jaws</p><p>- handy crimpers</p><p>- extra sharp wire and monofilament cutters</p><p>- durable nylon sheath with belt loop included</p><p>- tough , no slip grip, ultra soft ergonomic handles</p><p>- corrosion resistant black titanium nitride finish&nbsp;</p> Learn More
  38. mustad long reach pliers
    <p><strong>Mustad Needle Nose Pliers Long Reach</strong></p><p><strong>- 11 inch</strong></p><p><strong>- heavy duty</strong></p><p>- serrated jaws</p><p>- corrosion resistant</p><p>- tough non slip grip, ultra soft ergonomic handles</p> Learn More
  39. Mustad Bait Scissors
    <p>For trimming knots and preparing crab baits Compact size to fit comfortably into your pocket Extra large finger holes and serrated edge blades</p> Learn More
  40. Mustad Fillet Knife
    <p>7" stainless steel blade for cleaning fish. Rubber handle with safety guard Supplied with protective sheath Complete with knife sharpener.</p> Learn More
  41. Mustad Heavy Duty Crimping Tool

    Durable and functional, this crimping tool is built to perform. Constructed with stainless steel, the cutters are then coated with black titanium nitride for increased corrosion resistance. They feature hardened jaws for increased durability with 2 side-cutters and lockable spring-loaded action. They also feature durable, softgrip handles for comfort and ease of use.se.

    Learn More
  42. Tronixpro Casting Glove
    <p><strong>Tonixpro Casting Glove</strong></p> <p><span>With the increase in fixed spools being used for distance casting, finger stalls have become an essential piece of tackle for most anglers, this glove gives comfort and convenience when casting and offers great value for money.</span></p> Learn More
  43. Wychwood Crimping Tool
    <p><strong>Wychwood Crimping Tool</strong></p> <p><span>A popular way of producing neat loops on stiff rigs. Also makes it easy to get the exact length of hook link required. For use with the smaller sizes of crimp used in coarse fishing.</span></p> <p><span>&nbsp;</span>Constructed from the finest stainless steel with a specially designed comfort grip handle for easy use. Side cutter. Particularly for use with Wychwood Carp Crimps but can also be used with other 0.6mm to 1mm diameter copper crimps commonly used for constructing pike traces. Instructions on pack.</p> Learn More

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