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  1. hydrolastic
  2. lock n load
  3. Daiwa Pole Sock

    The Daiwa Pole Sock helps protect those delicate pole sections when constantly attaching and taking of top sections . Just screw into a bank stick and position at the front of your fishing station, 

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  4. Drennan Bungee Connectors
    Drennan Bungee Connectors Learn More
  5. Drennan Carp Bungee

    Starting at: £10.50

    Drennan Carp Bungee Hollow Core Elastic

    Drennan Carp Bungee come in 4 sizes and is a tubular twin walled elastic with a hollow core and a highly visible fluorescent outer.

    It has excellent stretch and recovery properties and makes the perfect power play shock absorber, subduing big fish rapidly.

    Full instructions are included in each pack.
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  6. carp bush
  7. Drennan Dacron Connectors

    There are four in a pack; each mounted on a handy tube, which cre­ates a pre-formed loop that makes sliding them onto your elastic a really simple process. The highly vis­ible beads are avail­able in four sizes and colour-coded to match Drennan Bungee elastic. Two sets are available: Small: Green & Yellow (two of each size) for elastics up to 10–12 Carp Bungee or equivalent Large: Pink & Red (two of each size) for elastics up to 18–20 Carp Bungee or equivalent

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  8. olivettes
  9. pole connector
  10. Drennan Pull Bung

    The Drennan Polemaster Pull Bung allows the pole angler to tighten the elastic  in one pull when playing fish.

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  11. internal bushes
    <p>These 100% pure white P.T.F.E are extra slick and provide anlongated slippery tube section right at the pol tip . This xtra working length reduces bungee wear and smoothes both stretch and recovery</p> Learn More
  12. Drennan Winder Bung Medium
    <p><strong>Drennan Winder Bung Medium</strong></p> <ul> <li><span><span>The Drennan Polemaster winder bungs are produced from an extra tough, ultra light material in 4 sizes to fit a wide range of pole top sections.</span></span></li> <li><span><span>The winders will hold numerous turns of elastic allowing small lengths to be let out or wound in to make precise adjustments of the elastic tension.</span></span></li> <li><span><span>The winder section can be easily removed from the bung if required and the long extractor rod has a 'twistlock' location system and it is a simple operation to remove the bung from inside the pole when required</span></span></li> </ul> Learn More
  13. Middy diamond eye threader

     The Middy Diamond Elastic Threader from Middy is 2m long and is super tough and reliable.

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  14. Middy Four Leg Roller
    Middy Four Leg Roller Learn More
  15. Middy Hi Viz Elastic

    For many years, Hi-Viz has been recognised as the best elastic on the market. When Middy added the hollow Shock Core to its range it was no surprise that it became very, very popular in a short amount of time. It is made from a special mix of creamed and centrifuged lattices that give it incredible strength and stretch. The centre is made from natural liquid latex with a bright fluorescent outer. You get 3m on a spool and it is available in grades 1-5 Nano Green, 4-8 Nano Orange, 6-10 Yellow, 12-16 Red and 18-22 Blue.

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  16. Middy shock core winder bung
    Middy Shock Core Winder Bung Learn More
  17. Preston Double Slider Winders 13cm
    New and improved these Double Winders now feature two sliders so two rigs can be stored on each winder. There is a slot for your hook and a peg which would hold a loop, meaning that rigs can be tied and hooklengths added at a later date if needed & without kinking your line. Available in a wide range of sizes, colour-coded to suit each size. Also available in trays, boxes and the new tray system for the Absolute Station Learn More
  18. winder anchors
  19. pulla bung

    Manufactured from lightweight plastic the Pulla Bung enables the angler to pull the elastic tighter after unshipping the top kit. The advantage is that you can use lighter elastics for small carp, but tighten it for netting if you hook a bonus fish. This means you don’t need to play and net big carp on top 5s or 6s, which leads to better control, faster netting and less pole breakages.

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  20. joint restorer
    An excellent way to build up worn pole joints. This liquid carbon hardens with a top coat of joint save Learn More
  21. Preston soft cad pots large
    The perforated design serves several purposes, the main advantage is to counteract the vacuum effect which can prevent bait from releasing in a conventional pot, it also reduces the weight on the end of your pole and reduces wind resistance. Learn More

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21 Item(s)

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