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Headlights and Torches

Reelfishing Discount Fishing Tackle Shop carry a good range of lighting equipment to suit most types of angling.

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  1. Fenix CL25R Lantern
    Measuring at only 9.9 centimeters in length and weighing 130 grams, this all-season camping lantern lights up large areas up to 25 meters diameter with its 350-lumen maximum output, and also features a reliable Micro-USB charging function and a cold-resistant structure. The CL25R offers 6 output modes including turbo, red light and moonlight mode, which delivers more than 600 hours of illumination. This adaptable lighting source can be hung by its lanyard, adhere to metal objects with is magnetic base or mounted on a tripod. Learn More
  2. Fenix CL30R Lantern
    The Fenix CL30R rechargeable camping lantern offers flexibility in power, charging and brightness levels. This versatile lantern not only features a Micro USB port to recharging, but it is the first Fenix lantern that serves as an independent charging station for other devices. The powerful CL30R delivers a maximum output of 650 lumens, which illuminates an area 35 meters in diameter. Powered by one, two or three 18650 rechargeable batteries, this lantern offers five brightness levels, Turbo and Flash Learn More
  3. Fenix HM65R Dual Light 1400 lumens headlamp

    Fenix HM65R 1400 Lumens headlamp

    USB Type-C Charging port
    Max 300 Hours Runtime
    Battery level indication
    Lockout function
    5 Years free repair

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  4. Fenix HP30R recheargable floodlight headlamp

    Powered by 2 HP30R batteries the Fenix HP30R rechargeable floodlight headlamp can deliver a maximum output of 1750 lumens , and a burn time of nearly 400 hours 

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  5. Imax Sandman Headlamp

    Regular Price: £49.99

    Special Price £39.99

    A very technical and powerfull head lamp, The Sandman will be your best partner when fishing at night on the sea thanks to the 600 Lumens power and the adjustable focus beam.

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  6. Inova Xo Torch
    amazingly bright , yet strong and lightweight pocket torch Learn More
  7. LED Lenser 14R.2

    LED Lenser H14R.2 rechargeable Headlamp

    Smart  Light Technology

    Learn More
  8. LED Lenser H7R.2

    LED Lenser have further developed the strengths of the original H7R model and integrated additional practical functions in the new LED Lenser H7R.2.

    The materials used combined with an ergonomic shape ensure that you hardly notice you are wearing the lamp, the dimming function has not only been made more convenient, it has also been enhanced to include additional lighting functions.

    The LED Lenser H7r.2 is not just brighter, it is also longer-lasting and is perfect for many applications around the home, work or hobby pursuits.

    New product features mean the lamp head can be swiveled to point in-front or downwards and it now has fully adjustable straps.

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  9. LED Lenser MH10 Rechargable Headlamp

    Regular Price: £89.99

    Special Price £79.99

    The new MH10 Rechargable Headlamp from LED Lenser has an output of up to 600 lumens, and with a running time of up to 120 hours it will keep you fishng safer for longer

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  10. Powapacs Atom 60

    Atom is a lightweight, powerful, silent, fumeless, smart solar generator. With the option of a solar panel it can utilise clean, green energy from the sun to recharge it's lithium battery. ATOM is easy to pack and light to carry, so your electronic equipment can always travel with you on every adventure.

    Atom quickly recharges from a mains supply in approximaterly 4/5 hours or from the sunin approximately 8/11 hours using the 60w solar panel.

    Learn More
  11. Prologic Lumiax

    Regular Price: £24.99

    Special Price £19.99

    Prologic Lumiax Headlamp

    • Zoom head lamp 3W Cree LED
    • 150 Lumens
    • Options include 'On' or 'Flashing' with adjustable brightness
    • Adjustable beam focus - long beam or short beam
    • Angle adjustment
    • Use 3 AAA batteries (not incluced)
    • Totally waterproof
    Learn More

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