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  1. Berkley Whiplash Super Braid

    Starting at: £29.99

    Tough & Powerful for extreme fishing. Whiplash super braid is constructed with Dyneema the strongest fiber of its kind. Unlike traditional braids, Ehiplash is processed to a thinner diameter, making it smoother and non-abrasive so it casts farther. * Ultra thin diameter * Tight-Weave micro-braid * Incredibly smooth and non-abrasive Learn More
  2. Esox piker braid

    It has been woven into a tight round sec­tion and is not inclined to loosen up or fluff up. It floats well for drifter fishing but will also cut under the sur­face easily. Like all Dyneema-based braids, it tends to lose its colour in use but not its excep­tional strength. To increase the useful life of this high-value reel line we recom­mend reversing it onto a spare spool after pro­longed use. This effect­ively brings new, unused braid to the top and buries the material which has had the most wear to the bottom of the spool. Available on 125m and 250m spools.

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  3. slim crimps
  4. Fox Kwik Change Egg Sinkers

    Starting at: £3.00

    Kwik Change Egg Sinkers As conditions change, it’s often necessary to alter the weight on your pike live or deadbait rig. By using these easily changed sinkers, just remove the pin and slide them off the line, this can be achieved very efficiently saving time and trouble. There are a range of sizes to match other products in our predator product system. Learn More
  5. Fox Predator Treble Hook Sleeves Size Small
    Profiled to fit most treble hooks, these Treble Hook Sleeves have been designed to provide a neat finish and protect the wire wraps when making your own traces. A shorter, thicker, inner profile makes these sleeves perfect for covering the upper treble on twin hook traces. Learn More
  6. Maxima Chameleon Monofilament

    Starting at: £3.99

    Independent tests have proven that Maxima Chameleon consistently out performs other premium brand mono-filaments due to its unique properties which give Chameleon just the correct combination of stretch, resistance and knot strength. Chameleon has also, of course, an unparalleled ability to change colour in varying light conditions enabling it to blend in with its surroundings, making it almost invisible to the fish. Learn More
  7. Savagear lip skull


    New addition to the range, pre-rigged for baitfish, with 2 Japanese Savage Gear tournament treble hooks and practical wire harness. Extra gill pins supplied

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  8. Savagear lip skull

    Regular Price: £5.49

    Special Price £3.99

    Savagear 4Play Lipskulls

    Lip sculls designed for the Soft 4Play Loose bodies. Just push the soft 4Play into the matching head size and secure it with pins(or toothpicks) through the gill plate and you have the most incredible lipped swimbait! 
    These lipsculls can also be used with dead bait fish or fillets – with incredible results.

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8 Item(s)

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