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Coarse Nets / Handles

At Reelfishing we stock a wide range of landing nets and handles from all the major fishing tackle manufacturing companies such as Drennan , Abu Garcia, Daiwa, Middy, Dinsmore and many others. we hold a huge amount of stock so can deliver fast at very competitive prices

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  1. Chub Vantage Landing Net Stink Bag


    Imagine you are catching fish all day and it's time to go home. Your net is covered in fish slime, and dripping wet. Would you want to just throw it in your car? Imagine water dripping everywhere and fish slime oozing around the boot of your car ... we thought not, so we produced a net stink bag. This is so at the end of the day, your net can be put away in your rod bag without fear of making your car, and/or rod bag stink!

    Learn More
  2. Drennan 10ft Carp keepnet

    The Drennan 10ft Carp keepnet has a super fine soft mesh backing & is carp fishery approved.

    Learn More
  3. Drennan 10ft Silverfish keepnet
    Drennan 10ft Silverfish keepnet Learn More
  4. drennan red range telescopic landing net handle
    A quality telescopic landing net handle Learn More
  5. Drennan Series 7 2.6m Mega Carp Landing Net Handle
    This extra strong and exceptionally rigid two section telescopic net pole can be used with or without its 30cm detachable head. This short removable head help in transferring big carp to the keepnet quickly and efficiently and only needs a quarter 'twist lock' turn, on and off, to secure it in position so it will not disconnect from a straight pull. Learn More
  6. 3.3m landing net handle

    This is the strongest longest take apart handle we stock, for when the bank is a bit too steep to reach your catch 

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  7. 2.6m rigid pole
    A telescopic landing net handle that extends to 2.6 metres Learn More
  8. Drennan Speedex Carp Landing Net

    Starting at: £20.95

    Drennan Speedex Carp Landing Net Learn More
  9. Drennan Super Specialist  Net

    Starting at: £16.99

    Drennan Super Specialist Net

    The spreader blaock has a crossbar for added strength and to provide a convenient handle for lifting bigger fish.

    The mesh on the sides is bigger to reduce water resistance and improve manoeuvrability and finer mesh on the base to cradle fish.

    The whole net including the frame is in a muted olive colour. When in th water is resembles th same colour as weed , leading to the fish not spooking as you trying to land

    The hollow frame is sealed keeping the the weight of the head down when submerged 

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  10. JRX Extreme Landing Light Head Set

    The Extreme TX Landing Light Head Set can be used to equip your current landing net with the unique automatic landing light function that enable the angler to fully concentrate on landing fish safely during the night. Designed to fit most landing nets on the market.

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  11. JRX Extreme TX Landing Net 46inch including Light Head Set
    • Soft deep green mesh with magnetic retaining system
    • Non-stretch fluorescent tension cord
    • Custom designed heavy duty spreader block
    • Strong and lightweight, 2 piece carbon 6' (1.80m) pole with Japanese shrink wrap grips
    • Features a unique clip-on light unit with motion sensor
    • Built-in white and red light options
    • Long-life ultra bright LED's
    • Waterproof design
    • Supplied in a nylon anti-stink bag

    A top quality carbon landing net combined with the innovative Extreme TX Landing Light Head Set

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  12. Folding Spoon Net

    Starting at: £17.99

    This collapsible spoon net is great for roving anglers or coarse anglers short on space. Transportable, strong and fish friendly.

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  13. power handle

    at Reelfishing we are constantly on the hunt for good quality , good value products. We think this is the best value telescopic landing net on the market, and have sold plenty, confident in the knowledge that this handle won't let you down Length 2.5m Tele/take apart Glass Fibre Brass thread

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  14. Middy landing net combo
  15. ready to land

    Perfect net and hadle combo for travel telescops down to 2.5 feet (70cm) comes with folding 20" net and disgorger. Handle length 1.8m with brass thread

    Learn More
  16. Preston Innovations Latex Hair mesh landing net 20inch
    Preston Innovations Latex Hair mesh landing net 20inch Learn More
  17. Rovex floating landing net head

    The Rovex Access Floating landing nets feature  fish friendly mixed mesh to offer mximum protection to your catch while in the net , strong & robust frames, threads and an integrated buoyancy aid make these the perfect choice for all anglers

    Learn More
  18. Salter Little Samson Scale

    Starting at: £5.49

    Hand-held, light weighing device. durable and robust, housed in a tough ABS plastic housing with corrosion protected top loop and bottom hook. Learn More
  19. Salter Super Samson Scale

    Starting at: £13.99

    Salter Super Samson Scale

    Hand held lightweight scales with overload protection and tare mechanism

    Learn More
  20. Shakespeare Sigma Specimen Net 105cm
    Strong adjustable angle lock Carp Mesh Learn More
  21. Wychwood T-Bar Digital Scales
    Compact, lightweight and incredibly accurate, Wychwood's T-bar scales allow anglers to quickly and simply weigh their capture whilst always getting perfect accuracy. Designed to last, our T-bar scales are hard-wearing and built for unrivalled performance. Learn More

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